Thursday, April 7, 2011

Battle Robot Retsuden

System: Super NES

Cheats Used: None

In Japan, there is a well known series called Super Robot Taisen which features mecha and pilots from multiple different anime series coming together for strategy/war games. This game appears to be a spinoff from that as it features the same thing. I don’t know what the plot is supposed to be because the game is totally in Japanese and there hasn’t been an English translation yet. However, despite this, the game is still very playable. It only took me a few minutes of fiddling with the menus to figure out how to play and once I figured it out, I had a great time with it.

The gameplay is fairly simple. Each level has multiple enemy mechs and you move your character around the battlefield and attack when you’ve got the enemy in range. In the first level, you fight them alone, but after that, more people join your team. You control a different mech in each level and the computer controls the ones that you’re not. The AI here is awesome and makes the game completely non-frustrating, which is a big plus. Add to that the fact that all your team members have a very high amount of HP and it’s almost impossible to lose. This is another excellent effort from Banpresto (who make all the best anime-based games) and if you’re a fan of mecha series like Gundam, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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